Tips For Planting Tomatoes in Massachusetts

24 May

written by Janet Harrold It is finally time to plant tomatoes! Tomatoes are one of the most rewarding plants to grow in your garden. You can also plant them in containers on your patio or porch, we also have them in earth friendly peat moss containers that can be planted directly in the ground. Most of our tomatoes are locally grown here in Massachusetts so it’s a sure bet that with full sun you will have no worries growing yours.

how-to-plant-tomatoes-205 A couple of simple tips will seal the deal and provide your family with delicious juicy tomatoes all summer long. They also add nourishment to your dinner, sandwiches and salads. The kids will be amazed as they watch them grow.

Tomatoes need lots and lots of sun, so be sure to select an area that they will thrive in.

Tomatoes like regular even water. A common mistake that people make is letting them get too dry and then heavily watering. This kind of watering is what typically leads to cracking.

Trim suckers…suckers tend to develop between the two stems, this is sometimes recommended because the leafy growth of the new stem is competing and taking away the nutrients of the original plant.

We recommend planting a variety of tomatoes in your garden, here are just a few favorites that we currently have in the garden center:

  • Better Boy
  • Sun Gold
  • Early Girl
  • Husky Cherry Red
  • Super Steak
  • Super Sweet 100
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