01 Sep

terrarium book on bench

Terrariums…one of the hottest trends in indoor plants. A collection of miniature plants grown together in a glass container such as a cloche, jar or bottle…if you love plants but hate taking care of them  a terrarium is the way to go! Once established a closed terrarium can sustain itself. Inside a terrarium acts like a continuous rain forest-  moisture evaporates from the soil and plant leaves and condenses on the terrarium’s roof and walls,  it then drops down and re-moistens the soil.


Terrariums can be designed in a variety of ways…you can use sand or soil, moisture loving plants are ideal… we often use fern plants  and succulents. A great way to personalize  or add a bit of whimsy is to  add  a clever  surprise inside or a tiny figurine on a piece of driftwood. The possibilities are endless!

Cedar Grove Gardens offers terrariums for sale or by custom order. Stop by the shop today at 911 Adams St. Dorchester, Ma. 02124 or Contact us to find out more information about our custom options by calling 617 825 8582 .




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