Seeds are in!

07 Mar

Well, it’s getting to be the time of year to start planting seeds. We pride ourselves in carrying the highest quality products. After careful research we are so excited to carry a collection from “Botanicle Interests” They are a fabulous supplier out of Colorado. They believe as we do, that in order to have a successful and beautiful garden you must first educate the consumer. They have taken the time to put helpful information inside and outside of the package.

seed-packages community_seed_to_saucepan On the outside of the package you will see a beautiful illustration of the variety as well as other important information like whether you should sow the seeds inside or outside, it tells you what time of year to sow them and how long it will take to see these beauties pop up. My absolute favorite part of these packets is on the inside…inside you will find delicious recipes, this way you achieve the absolute most from your work. As they say on their website, they take you “from seed to sauce pan”

What a wonderful reward to not only be able to grow these vegetables but to serve a sumptuous and enticing dinner! Planting a garden with children  can spark new interests and inspire them to try new and healthy foods. The following is a recipe that I got from their website and I hope it will be one of many more to come!

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