17 Mar

Just wanted to keep you updated on a few changes here at the shop. You may have recently called the shop to place an order only to learn that we are asking for your patience as we get adjusted to our new computer and phone systems. You may have even received a bill and our monthly statements look different. We have undergone a few  changes with new equipment in the hopes of serving you better in the future. Please know that we appreciate your patience during this brief adjustment period and we look forward to serving you better in the future.

On a high note, we are just as anxious as you may be to for the upcoming spring season! Pansies and spring wreaths are in and we have bulb flowers trickling in here and there, I noted a few hyacinth  plants and tete a tete’s  have made their way into the shop and that my friends are a sure sign that we are gearing up!


If you have come into the shop you will notice that we have once again transformed the shop from Christmas trees to spring offerings, the shop is full of unbelievably real, silk and dried flowers, we also have an Easter selection on display, the only thing we need now is for all the snow  to disappear!

…and for those of you who follow us closely and may be wondering, Bubba has adjusted well to his happy home and new surroundings!







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