Neponset River Watershed

04 Dec

neponset_dam_2 In keeping with my belief that every business and every individual needs to give back in order to move forward, I’d like to encourage everybody to consider a membership in the Neponset River Watershed Association. I am a member of the Board of the Association and became involved as an outgrowth of my representing Lower Mills on the future of the Baker’s dam. I learned a great deal about this organization working alongside a committed group of individuals such as Ian Cooke, President, and Steve Pearlman.  Also present were representatives of the State EPA, DCR and Riverways and Fisheries Departments and numerous others representing groups impacted by the Neponset.

Right now there is a matching pledge grant for new members to the Association. Your new membership of $35.00 or $50.00 is tripled during this holiday season. The Association can really benefit with each new membership. My life is built around horticulture, floriculture and the quality of the environment. Water plays a vital role in my business, but more importantly it is a requirement for life. Please consider joining or gifting a membership to help this Association raise the funds to continue it’s efforts to improve the water quality of the watershed as well as educate and improve the lives of all those that live in it now and those to follow……

Thanks for your consideration and I hope the Christmas and Holiday Season is joyous for all…


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