Mattapan Ashmont Trolley Wine Glasses

20 Jan

The next time you sniff, swirl or sip your favorite wine, why not sip it from one of our unique hand painted Mattapan-Ashmont Trolley glasses by one of our very own in house artists Janet Lee Harrold. Over the years we have heard so many different stories from people who have fond memories growing up riding the 3 mile rail service also known as The “M- line”  The Pcc’s or Presidential Conference Commission Trolleys are a fleet of 10 cars 5 in service and 5 stored. Currently in service are: 3087, 3230, 3254, 3263 and 3268 Out of service is 3234, 3238, 3260, 3262 and 3265  If you have a favorite number or an overall appreciation for these very special trolleys, stop by Cedar Grove Gardens and buy a glass and enjoy your favorite wine. Perhaps you still ride the rails now or maybe you can  take a stroll down memory lane, either way a great conversation piece and your wine is surely going to taste better being poured in such a gem!


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