Love is certainly in bloom

28 Jan

the perfect package slider


For those  loyal and devoted customers who know us so well at Cedar Grove Gardens our reputation for designing awesome flower arrangements  “outside the box” precedes us.  This year our love is in bloom “inside the box”    Make it an unforgettable Valentine’s Day by choosing to send her our  featured  display of roses cut short to fit inside “the perfect package”  We know first hand how expensive this holiday can be for sending roses, but not when sent like this.   This sweetly wrapped package comes in a variety of sizes and prices.  Smaller is sweeter, the perfect package 4 pack is only $40.00 and our 9 perfectly packaged roses are $60.00.  For the optimum selection and the package pictured here, our 16 perfectly packaged roses are only $90.00 So come on guys, call the shop today and put a smile on that sweet face, the price is not what is most important. The rose however is a big part of Valentine’s day…always speak to her heart!

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