After the Holiday Blues and Thank You’s

30 Dec

The holiday’s are such an exciting and magical time of year for everyone.  When they are over we tend to get a little melancholy. As florist we really try to embrace all that the Holiday Season has to offer and we want to be able to offer you our most creative and beautiful creations. Many of our customers have mentioned that Cedar Grove Gardens is magical at Christmas time and with all of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating beautiful store displays, decorating for our corporate accounts, creating the most magnificent wreaths and floral displays and all of the major and minor details that are involved even behind the scenes, we are so very grateful for the recognition. We are also grateful for you, our loyal customer. We have been in business now for 35 years and though our staff is the backbone of our company, we didn’t get here on our talent alone. In fact we have quite a number of customers that have been coming to us for the entire 35 years that we have been in business. Some have had their wedding flowers done by us many years ago, and now their children come to us for their wedding flowers, it’s long standing customers like you that have made it all possible. For our clients that frequent our shop every holiday, whether it be flowers for your mother or wife on Mother’s Day or a Thanksgiving centerpiece, we enjoy seeing you and getting to know you on a personal level as you also know most of us. If you are the one time shopper who was just passing through town and stopped in to our hidden gem to browse around, skim our selection of beautiful finds and take in the blissful aroma of our fresh cut flowers, we are thankful to you as well.

From Richard:

“Just a very simple but heartfelt Thank You to my staff, their families and to you, my customers, for making this Season joyous in many ways beyond the ring of a cash register. With out all of you doing your part to keep the season merry and bright things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly and right. One last thought and back to your lives, keep the light shining in your heart and your mind” new years eve hours 2

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