Georgia Peach Truck is returning to Cedar Grove Gardens

12 Jun

You may remember that last year having the Georgia Peach Truck visit our garden center was a delicious success! This year we are fortunate enough to have them return on two separate occasions, the first visit will be on July 11th and the second visit will be on August 1st…both dates the time is the same 12:00-1:30.

Georgia Peach Truck arrives this summer with farm-to-street boxes of Rolling Freestones®, the freestone Georgia peaches from historic Dickey Farms!

Freestone peaches are the peak season varieties to buy in bulk because they separate freely from their pits for cutting in the kitchen or eating fresh out of hand.

Can or freeze a whole box of peaches at home, or share several boxes with friends, family, and neighbors!

One box of Rolling Freestones from Georgia Peach Truck is $46 and weighs approximately 25 pounds with about 65-80 peaches inside the box depending on the size of the peaches.

We hope you join us for one if not both of these scheduled visits and even more we hope you bake something peachy from  this beautiful fruit. If a whole box seems overwhelming to you, grab a friend and share a box, don’t let the opportunity pass you buy and feel free to share on our facebook your most delicious peach recipes, we would love to hear from you!


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