Employee Spotlight

23 Mar

Manager Stephanie Nilovic is a familiar face, having worked at Cedar Grove Gardens for over five years. With more than a decade of floral design experience, Stephanie is a natural leader behind the bench. We picked her brain with a Q&A session sure to enlighten newbies and regulars alike.

Where do you find inspiration? My Grandmother and her garden. Growing up I was always helping out in her garden. She took so much pride in her flower beds and vegetables! My grandmother spoke no English, but managed to make friends with all the neighbors by sharing what she had grown. She would make little bags of veggies and some cut blooms and leave them at their doorsteps. She instilled in me (or maybe brought out in me) a love for the beauty of flowers, and a desire to help others. 
 I love the floral business- through our work, we are able to touch lives. We meet people and get the privilege of being a part of their special events and moments in time.

What has been your favorite design project? My favorite recent floral project would have to be sculpting a mannequin out of chicken wire and creating a dress out of some fabrics and silk flowers. Less traditional from what I normally work on day to day at Cedar Grove Gardens, but it took me back to my floral design days, which was my major in school. So it made for a design project that I really enjoyed!
What is your favorite flower to work with? I have an appreciation for all flowers. They are all so beautiful and unique in their own right. My favorite flowers to design with would have to be anemones! They have big flower heads and look like they are always staring at you with their unique eyeball-looking centers. Plus, anemones like their sleep (much like myself). The flowers open in the heat of the day and close at night for a restful slumber. I love flowers with personalities! 

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