Easter is on it’s way

10 Apr

After such a long, cold snow filled winter, we are anxious and excited to welcome the return of spring and the Easter holiday. If you feel the same, you may just need to come into the shop and get your annual dose of spring fragrance. It’s o.k. no need to purchase, we realize the need to just take it all in. That my friend is the bonus of being a florist, sometimes we take for granted that we get to look at , handle, and smell spring even before Mother Nature says it is time.   Lilies, hiacinth, tulips and daffodils are all beautiful bulb plants that  can be enjoyed in your home (as a fresh cut flower) and in your garden (plants) and they are all indicative of Easter. When the holiday ends and the blooms have passed, do yourself a favor and  plant them outside in your flower beds or as a border. They won’t flower this year but they ‘ll be back to greet you next spring, they always seem to know when you need it  most and it’s always a pleasant surprise!


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