“Cupid draw back your bow” and hand her a shovel instead

09 Feb

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written by Janet Lee Harrold

This weekend, love is in the air and unfortunately so is the cold and the snow! Sam Cooke said it best back in 1961 when he wrote “Cupid Draw  Back Your Bow”

There isn’t much we can do about the weather and it’s going to be a cold one this Valentine’s day so melting the snow is pretty much out of the question, but melting her heart is not. Despite the weather Valentine’s day will still happen. Instead of celebrating just one day, why not make it a blooming weekend this year, beginning on Friday…I know the actual day is Saturday this year, but with all of the distractions from mother nature, love just can’t wait until the very last minute. Most gals like to receive  a special delivery at the office, there is just something totally gratifying when you are handed a romantic floral design in front of your co workers, not to mention that you are the envy of the office for the rest of the day.

If you want to bypass sending flowers to the office on Friday, but instead you plan on wining and dining her at a special romantic restaurant complete with candlelight and an intoxicating dessert.  Call us Cedar Grove Gardens ahead of time and arrange for your flowers to be delivered directly to your table, she will be swept off of her feet for sure and will be taken back by the sweet gesture and your desire to think about the subtle but very passionate details of creating the perfect moment and a most memorable Valentine’s day. Oh, but on a side note….in today’s world we sometimes seem hurried and distracted, remember that this night is just about the two of you. Make it special, don’t forget to to put down the cell phone and give her your full attention and if you really want to tug on the heartstrings, a hand written note attached to the flowers will tell her your most intimate feelings and keep her blushing all evening long.

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