Cedar Grove’s Finest: Kristine Ruesch

06 Aug
 written by Janet Harrold
 Kristine you are one of the newer members on staff, how long have you worked at Cedar Grove Gardens? I have worked at Cedar Grove for almost a year, I moved  here from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
 What position do you hold? Floral Designer
 I know you owned your own Florist/Studio before you came to work at Cedar Grove Gardens can you elaborate on that? 
After earning my MFA in Photography,  I owned a Floral Studio “Blumen Kenner Exquisite Flowers” for the past 11 years in Santa Fe. I am self taught in the art of floral design, using my background in fine art and my undergraduate interest in medicine to inspire me. At Blumen Kenner, we provided very interpretive and stunningly architectural floral design for the Santa Fe Opera, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, SITE Santa Fe, Inn of the Anasazi and many other art galleries, hotels and private clients.
Do you miss owning your own shop or has Cedar Grove Gardens filled that place in your heart? 
I love working at Cedar Grove within their garden style design and incorporating all things Nature.
What are your interests outside of work?
Outside of work, I garden, hike, ski, travel and photograph. My grandfather always told me, “You cannot beat Nature.” That informs my way of seeing and being.
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