Annuals, they are not just for outdoor enjoyment

01 Jul

written by Janet Harrold

photo credits, Janet Harrold and James Sultane

This time of year is perfect for planting annuals around the yard, in our flowerbeds and in our containers, but why not choose your annuals wisely and get double use out of them all summer long. During the summer we tend to entertain more and why not have the option of hand picking a few blooms. Whether you are invited to a cook out or having one yourself, fresh flowers are always welcome and inviting. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor or a sick friend who can use a smile….

I’ve compiled a list of annuals that may be great options not only for your outdoor pleasure  but to bring the outdoors inside as well…


zinneas2  Easy and rewarding, you’ll get countless blooms of hot striking colors. Their strong stems are perfect for picking and holding up well as a cut flower.




Flowers shorts from Richard's florist  Feathery deep rich tones in brilliant gold and red are a  popular choice to use as fresh or dried cuttings.


daisy  These delicate daisy like blooms are charming and a perfect compliment to it’s graceful feathery foliage.


James Sultane Phlox  Easy to grow and they put on such a great display and bursts of elegance.


James Sultane Dahlia  Glorious shades, shapes and sizes-the diversity of the dahlia allows you to use them outdoors in your garden or indoors as a cut flower.  

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