Administrative Professionals Week is April 20th -April 26th shall we pencil you in?

15 Apr

We all realize the importance of team work, but often times we forget to realize  the day to to day operations that go on behind the scenes and the people who keep the operations running so smooth. Don’t forget  to pencil in your awesome administrative professional, the glue that holds it all together. Whether you want to recognize the entire week or the specific day, call us to help make this a very important holiday.


You can’t go wrong when sending a beautiful flower arrangement. Flowers say it best, did you know that a vase of fresh flowers on the corner of a desk or on a coffee table has been proven  to  induce positivity and enthusiasm in the workplace for both the  employees and clients that  enter your business space daily.

fresh flowers


An orchid or green plant are both fantastic choices to set on a desk and last for months or even years.

admins day or thank you


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