Adding a birdbath to your garden

20 Jul

written  by Janet Harrold

I love the welcoming look that a bird bath has to offer to my garden . It adds to the natural beauty of the garden giving it a sense of calm and  focus . It’s strong linear stature is very low maintenance and birds will come to your bird bath not only for drinking but for grooming as well.  Not to mention the serine feeling I get while sitting on the porch watching them come to the bath and splash around. It does my heart good.

In the garden center here at Cedar Grove Gardens we offer a great selection of birdbaths, some are ceramic and boast a bright array of colors and others are more natural and made of granite and stone. Some of our granite birdbaths include a couple of etched  fish in the basin, this element helps the birds to be able to perch themselves up a bit above the water level to feel more secure-they are often weary of predators and if their feathers get soaked, they can’t escape as easily if the need should arise. You can also achieve this feature by adding a few twigs or rocks to the shallow basin.

Bird Baths

bird bath resize   Bird bath resize 2


If possible select a shady location for your birdbath. This will help to keep the water cooler, fresher and more inviting for our feathery friends. Place your birdbath on level ground. Clean sand or gravel on the bottom will provide a more secure footing.

The water level should never be higher than an inch at the edge of the bath and a maximum of 2 inches deep in the middle of the bath.


In the warmer weather you will want to change the water every day or 2. Algae grows quickly when the water isn’t cleaned often (this is a great job for the kiddos, as they will learn and appreciate wildlife at a young age). Should algae start to grow, clean the bath with a stiff scrub brush and running water.



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